5 Creative Ways of Announcing Your Engagement

After many years of dating, there comes a time when you need to propose to your partner. This is the most suitable occasion for all lovebirds who want to spend the rest of their lives together. After an engagement, we finally have a wedding. There is a need to learn about ways of creating good engagement announcements.

Research has been done by different people who surprised their partners with a unique engagement announcement. From this further research, the following creative ways can be used during these announcements.

Ways of announcing an engagement

As discussed above, the primary reason for announcing engagement is to lead to a wedding. This is one of the most incredible moments for the bride and groom as the memories created from it are lifelong.

To come up with a unique announcement, you put into consideration the following steps:

  1. Creating a romantic love story

The main purpose of the engagement announcement is to share the most romantic memories between two partners. This is managed by sharing beautiful photos that you and your partner took while on a date or vacation. Attach them on an announcement card and give it to your partner asking for the hand in marriage.

  1. Surprise your partner with a ring

Without using any words, the ring will speak for you when asking your partner for their hand in marriage. Please choose the most beautiful ring, hide it in your partner’s most special item, and give it to her. Make sure when they see the ring you are already on your knee asking for her hand. The surprise ring will also help create a romantic memory.

  1. Higher a photographer

Photos are good for memory creation. During the announcement, there is a need to keep the memories. Ensure that you have a photographer who will capture every moment. These images will be used in the engagement announcement cards that will be sent to friends and relatives.

  1. Use a little bit of creativity

Nowadays, there are different but creative ways of announcing engagement to friends and relatives. The most current one being the printing of t-shirts where they contain words such as “I am finally engaged” or “wedding coming soon.” Others wear matching outfits, which tells people that the two are engaged.

  1. Use the internet’s trendy words

Nowadays, there are trending words that have helped in passing any information very fast. An engagement announcement should use trendy words. The hashtag is one of them. Individuals should use the hashtag when posting their engagement on social media. Ensure that you use the hashtag, for example, #SheFinallySaidIDo.

The appropriate time for announcing an engagement

To avoid being embarrassed, you should announce your engagement when you have fully discussed and conclude with your partner that you are both ready for marriage. With this in mind, you will announce it without fear of anything

Let’s help you announce your engagement

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