About hiring a sexual harassment lawyer in Queens

Despite federal and state laws in place, sexual harassment incidents at the workplace are quite common in NY. If you have suffered such harassment at work, your first response should be about filing a written complaint. Laws require employers to have sexual harassment policy in place, but there are many cases, where employers have either not acted on complaints filed by an employee, or retaliated against them. Filing a civil lawsuit, which is an option for many victims, is never easy. Your best bet is to talk to a skilled sexual harassment lawyer in Queens, and in this post, we are sharing more on what to expect from a lawyer and how to hire one. 

How can a lawyer help?

Just because you believe that you have been wronged, or have suffered sexual harassment at work, doesn’t mean that your legal action or lawsuit will hold. For getting a settlement for your suffering, or to get your job back, you have to prove things. An experienced lawyer can help you understand if your incident can be termed as sexual harassment by law. Also, your lawyer will guide you through the process, steps you can take to prevent further harassment and how to deal with the consequences that may happen at work. Your lawyer will handle the paperwork, right from the process of filing complaint to settlement and trial, as needed. 

Finding the right lawyer

Below are some quick tips to consider when you look for sexual harassment lawyers – 

  1. Experience. This goes without saying that you have to check for a lawyer who is experienced, known, and reliable. Check if they specialize in handling cases related to employment law and sexual harassment. 
  2. Work profile. Does the concerned sexual harassment work with just employees or employers too? You need someone who can represent your case and can be empathetic at the same time. Ask about the top cases and the best settlements they have won so far. Also, it is worth knowing as how many cases of the lawyer, or percentage of their practice, are settled before filing in court. 
  3. Consultation and fee. Check with the lawyer to know more on how they approach a case. As for the payment, some lawyers work on a contingency basis, while others prefer to take fee on a retainer mode. Either ways, you should be able to afford your lawyer, although the contingency arrangement always works better. 

Check for top lawyers in Queens now for sexual harassment cases. 

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