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Every business runs successfully due to coordinated working by various department heads and their teams. These business units work towards achieving a common objective. All of them contribute to a company’s success in various ways. But it is also necessary to have someone who has control over all these departments and ensure they cooperate and perform their duties as expected. A general manager helps business owners by being overall managers whose duties cannot be classified as any one functional area. What exactly are their functions?

Roles Played By General Managers

Online courses of IIM helps arm managers with enough skills and capabilities to perform a general manager’s duties successfully. Often these managers come with experience in various departments. This is necessary as they must oversee the activities of several business areas in a company. Sometimes they are also tasked with supervising multiple locations of a firm. A GM formulates policies and ensures these are being adhered to. He or she must also plan to optimally use available resources for achieving business goals.

General managers also make sure that daily activities enabling a company to operate smoothly are completed satisfactorily. These professionals also train low-level employees. They must also plan staff requirements and ensure these are fulfilled by HR officials. A GM must also constantly assess the performance of various department heads. This person must keep an eye for new opportunities that can help improve an organization’s revenue. They must prepare and manage operation budgets. In short, this person replaces business owners who can then plan for new ventures.

Preparing For A GM Post

An IIM general management program offered online for working professionals is an excellent way to make oneself ready for ascending that position. A mention of this program on a resume can greatly help in getting a general manager’s job quickly. Companies looking for a person to supervise all activities know that someone who has completed this course successfully will fit the role perfectly. It prepares a person to become capable of managing more than just one department. This course prepares students to become capable of totally managing an organization.

The course provides an opportunity for attendees to spend time on campus and network with others. Such interaction is highly useful for those aspiring for a general manager post. Participants of this program will learn about new technologies like industry 4.0 and how they can be used for a company’s development and growth. They will become familiar with emerging global business trends. It will also help working professionals to improve their leadership skills to lead and govern other managers in a firm.

If they are so important to an organization, it is necessary to possess certain skills that will help them and their establishment become successful. What are these qualities that one can develop by attending online courses from IIM Kozhikode specifically meant to create successful general managers?

Visionary Leadership

It may sound like a quality that everyone must possess to be successful in their careers. But for a GM this is of utmost importance. They must guide and support all other unit heads in their journey towards success. For this, it is essential to think ahead of their time. This is possible only when a person has a vision. They can see things that don’t exist presently but are likely to occur in the future.

They are not just visionary but also committed to making their visions become reality. General managers must be aware of where their company presently stands and where it must reach. They must also have a plan for themselves and other employees. Every little action they perform should contribute to achieving their larger vision. An IIM general management program also teaches that these professionals must be aware of competitors and other external factors having an impact on the firm’s performance.

Strategic Thinking

Having a vision and being passionate about achieving it is one thing. But one cannot achieve this if there are no clear plans towards that end. Strategic thinking is an essential quality that will help to make realistic programs to reach the goal. It is also very important to consider existing internal and external factors that will have an impact when these plans are executed. One must also consider short-term goals that must be achieved for smooth day-to-day operation.

Another aspect to be taken into account is resource availability. Both human and financial resources must be assessed and future requirements calculated. It is also essential to think about one’s own capabilities and see if there is anything that needs to be learned for reaching the goal. Agility is a virtue that all general managers must possess in an age when new disruptors can play spoilsport with well-laid plans. Being flexible to suit situations is essential.

Conflict Management And Negotiating Skills

Being in charge of several departments and teams can always put a general manager in a tight spot. On many occasions, while trying to ensure cooperation between different units, there are chances of conflicts. A GM cannot allow such situations to upset plans for achieving corporate objectives. Such situations will also occur when trying to restructure employees and placing them outside their comfort zones. These must be handled well and ensured that they don’t disrupt operations.

Negotiation is another skill that must be mastered by general managers. They have to collaborate and network with many people both inside and outside a firm. The ability to convince people to follow what they want is highly essential. It is necessary to make others accept their views and cooperate willingly. Negotiation is also unavoidable when dealing with suppliers and other agencies to bring down costs and ensuring increased profits. All interactions must be done in a way that doesn’t leave any bitterness afterward.

Summing Up

Those mentioned above are certain capabilities that are essential for every general manager. But it is also necessary to quickly learn skills specific to certain industries or companies. One must also quickly adapt to a new firm’s work environment to achieve success.

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