Best Mouse for CS:GO – 3 Solutions for Different Budgets

Previously, experienced players used to tell that devices don’t matter in CS:GO. In fact, that is not true. If you want to enjoy the game to the fullest, it is worth choosing the very best mouse possible. Not only your in-game score will depend on a mouse but the entire experience you get from Counter-Strike and other shooter games.

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SteelSeriesRival 100

This mouse is famous as it was created for pro players despite its budget-friendly price. Sensor: up to 4000 dpi (pros usually use 500 dpi only). Weight: 120 grams. Rival 100 is a perfect solution for right-handed gamers. Palm, claw or any other grip will fit.

Zowie EC2-A Black USB

A popular mouse by Zowie, which is a sponsor for famous professional teams like VirtusPro. Polish CS:GO players liked it very much. They say it is comfortable to aim and shoot with it because of shape and sensor.  Weight: 93 grams. Size: 64x40x120 mm. It will suit teenagers and adults equally well.


Probably the most balanced price/performance solution by Logitech. We can say that users pick this mouse because of its great grip comfort. The fact that the mouse is wireless but has latency equal to that of wired mice is additional plus. Logitech G703 will suit people with medium and large palm sizes perfectly.

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