Birthday Gift Ideas for Brother- Travel-freak and Gadget-lover

Brothers can be the most annoying being around us, but they are always loved. Being our secret-keeper and well-wisher, every brother deserves respect and a perfect birthday gift on his birthday. So, if you are looking for a birthday gift for brother who is a travel freak or is a tech-lover, then keep reading.

  • For a Travel freak Brother- Travelling is something that is soulful and brings calm to one’s soul. If your brother is a travel enthusiast and loves to explore new places now and then, pick a gift for him that helps him in making his travel experience easy.
  • A Portable Charger- A portable phone charger with good battery backup is a must. Shops online are giving you the chance to get these chargers personalised with a name, birth date, etc.
  • A Passport Cover- Another travel-worthy gift that you can pick for your bro is a personalised passport cover. Customised with your brother’s name and cute charm, this is an ideal personalised birthday gift.
  • A Backpack- Is your brother more into backpacking trips on his bike? Well, then a good quality and spacious travel backpack is something you should buy for him as a gift on his birthday.
  • A Pair of Sneakers- Travelling requires a lot of walking, trekking, and more. So, make travel convenient for your brother and get him a good and comfortable pair of sneakers.
  • For a Tech Lover Brother- Technology is something that is ruling the world and hearts of millions of people from decades now. And if your brother is someone who is always eyeing on newly launched gadgets, or who likes to rock his social media game then here are a few gadgets that you can consider gifting him.
  • A Smartwatch- As the name suggests, smartwatches are smart, i.e., they can calculate the heartbeat rate, calories count, steps walked in a day, etc. Along with these things, a smartwatch works as a mini phone in terms of message notifications and calls alerts.
  • A Smart Wallet- Yes, smart wallets are the new trend in the market and are helpful for people who are in the habit of forgetting their wallet. These wallets come with a sensor that works through an app that can be downloaded on a smartphone. This wallet can help your bro in case he forgets his wallet somewhere. He will get an automated call or message reminding him about his wallet, along with a location tracker!
  • A DSLR Camera- This one particular gadget can cost you thousands, but you know you can manage it with EMI options. A DSLR camera is a perfect gift for a brother who loves technology and is a social media addict. With this camera, he can click some breathtaking pictures of himself and things around and can rock his social-media game like a pro.
  • A Podcast Mike- If your brother’s social media game is already rocking, and you are looking for a gift that helps him uplift a bit more then go for a podcast mike. This gift is not only going to help him create worthy content for his precious followers but will also make him happy. This gift can also be a perfect birthday gift for brother who is into singing or writing.

So, that is it! All these gifts can be perfect for your brother, depending on his likes and dislikes.

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