Car accident in Colorado? Get a personal injury attorney onboard!

Rash driving, speeding, texting while driving, fatigue, lack of attention – There could be various reasons behind a car accident. If you were injured in such an accident and believe that the other party’s disregard for safety is to be blamed, you should consider talking to a personal injury attorney. An experienced Pueblo car accident lawyer can guide you on the case and help in determining what your claim is worth.  In this post, we are sharing more on why hiring a personal injury attorney for such cases is so important. 

Understanding liability

Colorado follows the comparative fault rule since 2003. This means that if you had a part role in the accident, you may lose the share of compensation that would be received otherwise. An experienced personal injury attorney will check all details, such as statement of witnesses, police report, and other evidence, to establish liability in the case. Once that’s done, they will try to understand what caused the injuries and how these injuries are likely to impact your life ahead. 

Negotiating with insurance companies

Sometimes, the insurance company of the party at fault may make an offer almost immediately after the accident. This is often done to ensure that the victim accepts whatever is being offered, which is typically way lower than the deserved amount. You need a personal injury attorney to work on your behalf, because they will negotiate with the insurance company to protect your rights and interests. While some lawyers do work on a retainer basis, others typically charge a part of the compensation as their fee, so they want to get the best possible settlement. 

Handling the paperwork 

From reviewing witness statements, to checking for details related to the accident and filing the claim, your personal injury attorney will do it all for you. This can reduce your stress, and you can focus on recovering sooner. Taking the discussion ahead with the insurance company and talking out the settlement – Your personal injury attorney will do all of this and more. 

Knowing your rights

How much should you expect in compensation? Are you aware that there is a limit in Colorado for the amount you can get in compensation for noneconomic reasons? Should you sign a paper if the insurance company asks for basic details? Your lawyer is the best person to advise on your rights and all other aspects that matter. 

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