Choosing Travel Rewards Programs – 5 Must-Have Features

It may be overwhelming for you to pick a suitable travel rewards program if you are new to this field. With a large number of reward programs and travel cards available, it may be not easy to choose just one. Read on, to learn about the top features that a reward program must-have.

All travel reward programs are designed to allow its members to collect points or miles while travelling, lodging, dining, etc. to avail them as rewards against future travel, shopping, and other included activities. However, when it comes to actual rewards, many programs may fail to prove truly beneficial. Certain features are highly desirable in a travel loyalty program, and you must look for them before choosing one.

  • A Diversified and Large number of Partners: Loyalty programs are only as good as the ease of earning points it offers. An ideal program must include a large number of hotels, airlines, shopping outlets, and other travel partners. Also, there must be a variety of non-travel associated services you must be able to use to earn reward points such as dining out, refuelling, online shopping, and other variety of activities. This will enhance your chances of accumulating points easily, even if you are not a regular flight traveller.
  • Complimentary Benefits: Some reward programs also offer complimentary benefits apart from reward points collection and redemption. These benefits may include complimentary seat selection, complimentary meals, lounge access, cancelled flight refunds, etc. It may enhance your experience manifolds, and hence you must prefer the programs that include these complimentary services.
  • Pool-in Facility With Family/Business Members: The reward program becomes even more attractive and beneficial for you if it allows you to pool in the points with your family members or business members. It may allow you to pool in the reward points collected by you and other nominated family members to redeem them later for your choice of reward. Also, there are reward programs that are designed to address the business and travel needs of Small and Medium Enterprises (SME). This allows all the travel and entertainment expenses to be tracked under a single account for the accumulation of reward points that can be redeemed later.
  • Multiple Options to Consume Reward Points: Just as earning points is important, ease of use is as important if not more. The avenues to utilize your reward points must be large enough for the reward program to be truly rewarding. Good reward programs offer thousands of merchandise options to choose from while availing your points or miles. This enhances the usability and makes the reward program even more captivating.
  • Option to Gift or Transfer your Miles/Points: Some reward programs allow gifting or transferring your miles to other members who may be someone from your family or a friend. It may be an ideal gift for your loved ones which they can redeem against the reward of their choice. Make sure to check if the reward program is offering this benefit before choosing one for you.

Multiple Benefits in a Single Program

Make sure to go through the key benefits offered by various programs and compare them to pick a rewards program that offers multiple benefits and also suits your lifestyle and spending habits.

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