Common Errors When Switching to LEDs

Even though LED lighting can be far more energy-efficient and longer-lasting when compared to other types of technology, there are some mistakes that can be made throughout the upgrade process. Knowing more about how to upgrade LED technology and being able to avoid common mistakes can be important. Here are some common mistakes many people make during the upgrade process that can be prevented!

Choosing The Wrong Light Distribution

LEDs are designed in a directional format and this means that you’ll need to pay attention to various specifications like the lighting distribution and beam angle. Wall packs and area lighting can be particularly useful in filling in some of the areas that fixtures miss with your LED lighting.

Proper Lumen Counts

When upgrading your lighting you also need to make sure that you are using the right lumen conversion. A 60 W equivalent LED light may just need 15 W of power on and it could potentially produce even more light than your previous bulb. Understanding the brightness that you can expect can make sure that you can end up with the same lighting environment. Underestimating could lead to an overly bright bulb.

Assuming Dimmer Switches Will Work

Make sure that you are using an LED compatible dimmer switch with dimmable LED’s. Older dimmer switches may not work with LED lights.

Getting The Wrong Color

The CRI is a rating of how colors will be displayed underlying conditions. With a better CRI rating, you will see more accurate colors. Traditional halogen bulbs have a CRI of 100 but some lower quality LED’s may have lower ratings. Most quality LEDs have CRI ratings in the 90s. Getting the wrong color could lead to problems, especially in a retail environment where you will need to display packaging.

This post was written by Carl Edwards. Carl is the lighting engineer at Smart Energy Technologies. Smart Energy Technologies is a commercial lighting service company. They offer lighting solutions to a variety of industries. Some of these include, healthcare lighting, commercial restaurant light fixtures, parking lighting, prison led lighting, led warehouse lighting, and much more.

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