Different Contractors That You Will Need For An Office Fit Out

When you want to fit out a new office space or refurbish your current offices, it will require many skilled tradespeople to complete the task and make it look fantastic. You can use a service that takes care of all aspects of your office fit out for you, or you can decide to hire the different trades yourself when you want to be the project manager. Below you will find some of the various skilled tradespeople you will require for your office fit-out to ensure that it is done to a high standard and looks amazing.

General Contractors

You will need to employ general contractors to do much of the work in your office fit-out project, and they are often highly skilled and versatile. They can do various tasks, from installing office partitioning to raising the floor, plastering, or installing the plasterboard. The general contractors you employ will do most of the work on your office fit-out, but they are not the only skilled tradespeople you will need to hire to complete the job.

Ceiling Fixers

You will also need to employ ceiling fixers to sort out the ceiling in your office space, and the ceiling can have multiple functions in an office. It needs to look good and be functional, but it can also offer sound insulation, sound absorption, thermal insulation, and light reflective properties, and you can also use it to hide cables and ducting. You can have various ceiling tiles in your dropped ceiling, and you can consider using fire-rated ones, which will help to make your new office space a safe working environment.

Electricians & Heating Engineers

You will also need the services of qualified electricians and heating engineers for your office, who will have lots of work to do. They must run the wiring for your office and all the lights and sort out the ventilation when using air conditioning in your office space. You must ensure that the electricians you use are registered and qualified, and you can click here to use a website to check their credentials.


When you have sinks or toilets in your office design, you will also need the services of a plumber. They must run the pipes, including cold and hot water and waste pipes, for the plumbing in your office, and you will want to ensure you use qualified and experienced plumbers, which are not cheap. Ensure they are gas registered, and they can also install cookers and hobs if you need them in your staff kitchen.


You will also need skilled carpenters to install shelves, kitchens, fitted furniture and other items in your office space. They can also help with tasks such as hanging doors, installing skirting bards, and ensuring everything look fantastic and works as it should in your office space.

These are some of the most important trades you will need when refurbishing your office space or fitting it out, but there are others you will need, such as skilled decorators. You can use websites such as to find skilled tradespeople in your area and ensure you do a fantastic job with your office space.

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