Essential Covers You Should Add to Your Two Wheeler Insurance Policy

The first thing to do after buying a bike would be to make sure you purchase an adequate cover to insure it. Most people settle for a third-party two-wheeler insurance policy because it is a mandatory cover. However, it is advised that you buy a comprehensive insurance policy instead as it offers you more extensive coverage and provides protection against any kind of damages caused to your bike during the accident. Along with this, it also includes a third-party liability cover. There are several other benefits to buying a comprehensive policy. Almost all the general insurance companies offer add-on covers to your existing comprehensive plan so it becomes more useful and valuable. You can add additional covers as per your wish by paying a little extra premium.

Mentioned below are a few add-ons that you can purchase with your two wheeler insurance policy:

  1. 24×7 Spot Assistance

You can opt for 24×7 Spot Assistance as an add-on cover that you can purchase along with our two-wheeler insurance policy. It is recommended to have this particular cover, as your bike is a machine and can break-down anytime. What if you’re out there on a long bike ride and your vehicle breaks down, or you have a flat tire?

When you’re headed somewhere, you would want your bike ride to be smooth and hassle-free. But incidents like these occur without a warning and you may find yourself stranded somewhere unable to get help. During times like these, a 24×7 spot assistance cover will come to your rescue. No matter where you go and there is a sudden incident such as vehicle breakdown during your commute, you can contact on the helpline number given to you by your insurer, and their roadside assistance team will immediately offer you the support that you require.

  1. Zero Depreciation Cover

Did you know, the moment you purchase your bike and take it outside of the show-room, its price starts depreciating. During a claim, you will receive the depreciating value of your insured vehicle. However, if you’ve opted for a zero depreciation cover, you will be covered against the depreciation value of your bike. With this cover, out-of-the pocket expenses are minimized when you make a claim and more protection can be added to your existing cover. For instance, if you don’t have this cover and have flat or damaged tire, you will receive compensation for the depreciated cost. Therefore, if you don’t have this cover, you can add it to your policy during two wheeler insurance renewal.

  1. Personal Accident Cover for Pillion Rider

Indeed you care for your bike and would do anything it takes to protect your vehicle from any mishaps. The basic bike insurance policy will only cover the owner or driver of the bike under an insurance policy. But, while insuring your bike, don’t forget that the pillion rider’s safety is also in your hands. Also, if there is a case of an accident, it might inflict serious injuries to the co-passenger as well. In such situations, the personal accident cover for pillion riders will come in handy if your co-passenger suffers any kind of injuries in case of accidents. The treatment cost of the pillion rider is borne by this cover. In simple words, if you opt for this add-on and include it in your base policy, it will be beneficial to someone who got injured while sitting on your vehicle as a passenger.

Final Word

Consider buying the above-mentioned add-ons to make your bike riding experience fun and hassle-free. The expenses that you might have to bear without these covers are way too much and you wouldn’t want to put that much pressure on your finances. To make sure the add-ons that you’ve purchased fit in your budget, you can first calculate the premium and check for yourself, using the motor insurance calculator, and make an informed decision.

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