Evolution of Procurement Technology

Procurement professionals today end up more and more at a loss for the wide range of technology tools that are offered. Unlike previously where technological variety was limited, today’s professionals may easily fall hostage towards the vendor selections of their IT departments. By hearing aid technology past of procurement technology we could gain better insights into its future business benefits. Here is phone evolution of procurement technology from the humble beginnings throughout the internet bubble to today’s more and more sophisticated choices.

Initial E-Initiatives

Technology within the regions of procurement and offer chain rapidly developed throughout the internet bubble, which brought to the development of an offering which was fragmented available on the market. However, it is just lately that available procurement technologies have become acceptable. In the past, fraxel treatments searched for to deal with the problems facing procurement for example placing more effective orders and raising requisitions. Initially, e-initiatives centered on transactional processing such as the automation from the purchasing process for top volume, low value item groups for example office supplies online and MRO.

It’s here that traditional ERPs and new e-procurement vendors developed their value propositions. However, while there have been real benefits, there have been also limitations for their applicability as much groups couldn’t be addressed through catalogues. Soon, enterprises started to understand the constraints of employing technology to attain purchasing efficiency. Naturally, the following stage of technological investments would focus more about the upstream sourcing processes.


New niche vendors and industry focused marketplaces emerged for everyone this developing market, therefore departing behind the majority of the existing ERP and e-procurement vendors. E-auctions were the first functionalities which were marketed because they provided a fast roi, in addition to a good story to inform business, one which was easily understood. However, the constraints of e-auctions would become apparent fast, since they merely offered to enhance the settlement phase, instead of boost the whole process of proper sourcing. More to the point, the auctions cannot give a lengthy-term means to fix the primary issue of sustainability of savings.

The present condition from the economy is constantly on the provide procurement professionals the rare chance to improve their sophistication and play an important role within the navigation of the companies with these dire occasions. Professionals will go beyond the requirement for immediate savings and rather achieve competitive advantage for his or her business. To get this done, they’ll require procurement technology that supports organizations in achieving the next phase in procurement excellence.

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