Factors that Affect How Long CBD Stays in Your System

Before you take any CBD products, read here to find out the benefits of CBD. As expected, anyone using CBD should have questions surrounding it or concerns concerning how long it could stay in their system.

For most people, CBD can stay up to 5 days in your system. However, the range is different depending on the individual. CBD is known to stay in some systems for several weeks. There are various factors which determine how long CBD can remain in your system. Let’s look at some of them below.

  • Dosage

CBD isn’t much different from other substances when it comes to usage. If you use a higher dose, the longer you’ll have traces of CBD in your system.

  • Frequency of Use

If you use CBD frequently, it’ll stay longer in your body. Once you take your dosage regularly, it’s bound to build up in your system ultimately. If you’re an occasional CBD user, it will clear up much faster. Before you start to use it regularly, use CBD only for a week then see how it works for you with the help of your doctor or healthcare practitioner.

  • Individual Bodies

We may look the same, but the truth is that our bodies are all different. Ultimately, CBD and other medications or substances react differently and affect our bodies in different ways. Factors such as your water content, rate of metabolism and your BMI will influence the amount of time that CBD lingers in your body.

  • The Food You Eat

Food is a significant factor when it comes to how long CBD can stay in your body. Using CBD on an empty stomach will get your body to metabolize it much faster and dispose of it. However, when you have a full stomach when taking CBD, its digestion gets slowed down and it lingers in your body longer.

  • How You Use It

There are different ways in which CBD is used. These methods will affect various aspects of how your body responds to it, such as the side-effects and how long it will stay in your body and how soon you will start to feel the effects.

How long do the effects last?

The effects of CBD and how long they’ll last all depend on your body and how much CBD you take. In most cases, the effects of CBD last between 2-6 hours.

Does CBD appear in Drug Tests?

The only way CBD will show up in a drug test is if the product you’re using has traces of THC. This is the ingredient in marijuana that causes one to feel high. If your product doesn’t contain THC, it’s likely that it won’t show up in a drug test. If you’re worried that it might show up in your drug tests, you should be careful to get them from trusted sources.


The effects of CBD are relative to different people and how their bodies react to substances such as drugs or even medication. If you don’t want CBD to stay in your system too long, take the points we’ve provided into consideration.

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