Filing for divorce In Utah: Things to know!

Like many states, Utah allows for both “no fault” and “fault-based” divorce. Filing for divorce is never an easy decision. Besides the emotional stress, you need to be practical about how things are agreed and settled with your spouse. For that, you need to consider hiring an experienced and skilled Salt Lake City divorce lawyer. In this post, we are discussing all aspects about filing for divorce in Utah, including how to find the right lawyer. 

Knowing statutory grounds for divorce in Utah

In case of a no-fault divorce, irreconcilable differences can be cited as the reason for seeking divorce. Other statutory grounds for divorce in Utah include impotency at the time of marriage, adultery, desertion, neglect, conviction of a felony, and cruel treatment, among others. Permanent insanity can be also cited as a reason for divorce. 

When to hire a lawyer

Hiring a divorce lawyer is entirely your personal call. There’s no denying of the advantages of having a divorce lawyer, but there are some circumstances when seeking legal help is more than important – 

  1. When there is no agreement on major aspects 
  2. When advice is needed to discuss child custody and spousal maintenance
  3. When asset distribution cannot be sorted amicably
  4. When one spouse is violent or has threatened the other
  5. When your spouse has hired a lawyer

If your spouse has hired a divorce lawyer, it is a clear indicator that they are seeking legal help, and you should consider that too. There are many reasons to hire a lawyer. Firstly, a divorce lawyer can sort things amicably with your spouse’s lawyer. Your lawyer will ensure that all the paperwork and drafting is done right, and no matter the actual state of affairs, it is your lawyer’s duty to protect your rights and interests. 

Finding a divorce lawyer in Salt Lake City

With Google, you don’t have to try hard to find law firms in Salt Lake City that specialize in family laws and divorce matters. However, make sure that you hire an attorney you can trust. Most divorce attorneys don’t charge, or ask for very little, for the first appointment. This is the ideal window to discuss all your concerns and questions. Ensure that the lawyer you are paying for is working on the case. 

Divorce lawyers usually work on an hourly rate, and depending on your situation, you can always work on a payment plan that helps you financially. 

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