Food Trucks Can Help Your Menu Plan

There is no place quite like food trucks on streets and corners. Here are some of our favorite food trucks:

Grilled Cheese Truck – One of the original food trucks on the streets of Manhattan. This popular fusion between deli food and traditional Texas grilled cheese began as a small carton SoHo selling burritos and tacos; within a few months, lines snaked out to the hour-long lunch hour.

Though not exactly a “burger” on the menu (because it doesn’t have a bun), this grilled cheese cart still managed to garner rave reviews from every corner of the city. And with an additional menu of handmade bread and pasta, this food truck has truly become an staple.

Brick and Mortar Truck – While not on a cart, this food truck offers guests a full range of sandwiches. They boast an eclectic menu that features everything from freshly made to frozen to organic and everything in between.

Some of their favorites include the classics such as Reuben and St. Pat’s, but also feature some interesting offerings such as a Reuben sandwich with caramelized onions and spicy tomato sauce, and a Reuben sandwich with caramelized artichoke and potato spa. Both the brick-and-mortar truck and the app are open daily. Along with these incredible sandwiches, they serve up fresh fruit and baked goods, savory snacks and deli items, and last but not least, they are always available for corporate events and private parties.

Concrete Shop – One of the newer food trucks on the scene, this truck offers guests a chance to try some of best-grilled cheese. Along with the amazing sandwiches and the scrumptious baked goods, the Concrete Shop serves up a diverse menu that includes finger foods, salads, pizza, pasta, soups, and so much more.

The menu even includes a beer and wine bar, so guests don’t have to worry about missing out on one of the best beers or wines in town. The Concrete Shop is open daily during all boroughs and includes special events and parties during the year. If you love grilled cheese, you should check out this food truck.

Food Trucks is an excellent choice for a food business plan because it gives entrepreneurs a chance to implement an innovative mobile food marketing strategy. Plus, because trucks deliver food directly to people’s homes, it cuts down on the cost of food marketing.

Plus, because most trucks are owned by independent contractors rather than restaurants, owners are allowed to implement their unique menu. This is another excellent benefit of food trucks. Food marketing tactics can be truly unique depending on each food truck business model. Plus, because they are food trucks rather than cars, they are often at risk of becoming vandalized or the theft of merchandise.

There are hundreds of different Italian Food Trucks that serve all kinds of dishes that you could serve on your food truck. And they are so inexpensive that it is possible to start a food truck business without spending too much money.

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