Handling employment discrimination in Austin: Ask for legal help!

Dealing with workplace discrimination can be hard. Even if you believe that you have been discriminated against, the biggest challenge is to prove the same. Both state laws of Texas and federal laws prohibit employment discrimination, but such incidents happen all the time. Also, in Texas, employers hire ‘at will’, which means they can fire an employee or terminate employment without or with a reason. If you have faced discrimination at work, you should consider hiring an Austin employment discrimination lawyer. Below are some important points worth knowing. 

Gathering evidence

There are no fixed ways of proving discrimination at work, but may refer to situations and evidences like – 

  • Statements made by manager/supervisor that relates to age, gender, sex or religion. 
  • Treating other employees in a better way than you
  • Retaliating against you for filing a complaint 
  • Asking for sexual favors
  • Making inappropriate jokes or sharing pornography

Do you need an attorney?

Filing an employment discrimination case in Texas isn’t as simple like filing a lawsuit. The first step is to file a discrimination claim with Texas Workforce Commission—Civil Rights Division (TWCCRD) or the EEOC. There is also a statute of limitations that you must adhere to. Keep in mind that only when TWCCRD, or EEOC, is done with the investigation and gives you the Right to Sue, you can file an employment discrimination lawsuit. Your lawyer is your important asset in knowing what your claim is worth and if you should file a case in the first place. Keep in mind that are litigation costs involved in employment discrimination cases, but more importantly, lawyers may not work on a contingency basis, like they usually do for personal injury lawsuits. 

How to choose an employment discrimination attorney?

Find an employment discrimination lawyer who is Board Certified in Labor and Employment Law by Texas Board of Legal Specialization. Secondly, check if the lawyer has good reviews and what percentage of their practice is dedicated to employment law. You have to also consider if the concerned lawyer is known and reliable in Austin, and more importantly, if they have the time to take up your case. Filing an employment discrimination claim will be much easier with the right lawyer by your side, and as needed, they may pursue a lawsuit to get justice you deserve. 

Check online for top-rated employment discrimination lawyers in Austin now, and don’t forget to ask for a free consultation session to discuss further. 

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