Here’s Everything You Need to Know about Post and Rope Stanchion

Post and rope stanchions are types of crowd control barriers that can designed from the weighted stanchions which come equipped with some kind of loose rope that connects them. These are usually used in a Higher Class venue. These crowd control devices are available in a lot of prices, styles, and quality.

Famous post and rope styles:

  1. Plastic Chain
  2. Velour Rope
  3. Twisted Rope
  4. Naugahyde Rope

These rope styles are the most common and are available in a lot of colors.

Post and rope stanchion styles and construction

The heights of post and rope barrier don’t matter much. A normal post and rope stanchion may be only three feet tall. The height may vary on the basis of the ornamental top of the stanchion.

The famous ornamental tops entail:

  1. Flat Top
  2. Crown Top
  3. Ball Top

Stanchion base types include

  1. Profile or flat
  2. Dome
  3. Fixed

The post and rope stanchions are available in a lot of finish types ranging from high shine brass to brushed metal.

Retractable Belt Stanchions

Retractable belt stanchions are most commonly used in a retail environment. These barriers are designed to guide the customers via a line queue to a checkout process. The styles include:

  1. 5-inch single belt
  2. 3-inch single belt
  3. 6-inch single belt
  4. 5-inch double belt
  5. 3-inch double belt
  6. 6-inch double belt
  7. Roller stanchions
  8. Weatherized stanchions

How does it work?

The working of these belts lie in the cassette that keeps the belt. The spring loaded cassette will retract the belt back into the housing for keeping it or to make a break in the line queue. Ensure that the cassette is made with a braking mechanism to reduce injury from retracting belts. Test the older equipment to make sure that the braking mechanism is still working.

Famous belt styles

The belt piece that comes equipped with the stanchion is available in a lot of colors, prints, patterns and lengths. The belts can be custom printed through silk screen to convey the messages like cautions and warnings and branding as well. The belts are made of nylon.

  1. Sign Inserts
  2. Flat writing surfaces
  3. LED signs
  4. Literature baskets
  5. Sanitation station tops
  6. Umbrella stands

Belt stanchions tend to height usually around 3 feet and are made from steel or durable plastic. The bases can be fully filled with concrete tin to cast iron. Many companies make bases by equipping wheels on them for making them easily portable.

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