How Digital News Platforms Have Impacted Traditional Media

Millennials can very well relate to the time when our elders were hooked to the Television and glued to the newspapers for daily news about events happening worldwide. The advent of print media dates back to the ancestral period and has contributed immensely to various stages of reformation and renaissance in society. However, we witness today the decreasing popularity and less relatability of it in today’s scenario of a technologically evolved timeline. The article summarizes the challenges faced by the news media and journalism industry in the changing media trends.

The digital monopoly is withheld by a few technology companies who by far rule the hearts of billions of users across the globe because they enable them to navigate through digital platforms through search engines and social media networking sites and share messages, audio, videos, etc. Therefore these companies play a vital role in propagating the narratives in the form of international & national news and digital advertising.

Legacy media, on the other hand, are becoming obsolete if they do not succumb to the pressure of switching to digital standards, although they are the actual news producers. Incorporating a digital business model is not feasible for them. Few media companies can generate decent revenue in this format, as paid subscribers for these media portals are relatively low. This can decline or stagnate the revenue sources of the legacy media industry.

Thus, it is imperative to shift the approach of these media companies according to the fondness and preference of the majority, which is the digital and mobile platforms. The availability of mobile-based news applications can be helpful in more than one way. Whatever the user is looking for is available on the tip of a finger. For example, breaking news, the latest headlines, trending topics, politic news etc., can be viewed, discussed, and shared from a single interface.

With the growing popularity of global and local news apps, there are a plethora of applications available in the play store or app store, and it can be an arduous task to select the one that caters to your needs. Let us consider the following factors for making a good choice:

  • Viewership: A strong viewership of any app is the prime testimony of its acceptance among the audience. The app that focuses on news from around the world on several domains and subjects will be able to pull the maximum number of customers.
  • Interactive database: The adaptability of these news apps also depends on their ability to tell the news story effectively with the help of interactive databases, which are nothing but software in place of words and pictures.
  • Ratings: Making decisions according to the user rating is the most common practice while selecting any app because it is the metric to decide the people’s mandate.
  • Age-restricted: Some apps are available with age-specific guidelines as they may display content unsuitable for children. One should be careful before making a choice.
  • Size of the app: Our mobile houses multiple apps which help us in our daily lives, so before installing the app, one should be aware of the size of that app. Large-size apps can consume a lot of space and slow down the smooth operation of our mobile devices.
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