How to Choose Tactical Clothes?

Tactical clothes might seem like a vague term because they encompass so many different items. But, regardless of how they look all of these items have a singular purpose. You always need to choose tactical clothes that make your mission easier to accomplish.

All tactical clothes can be placed into three distinct categories at UARM:

  1. Elemental protection
  2. Ballistic protection
  3. Survival clothes

Optimizing your gear with your clothes to create synergies and remove any needless weight is the best way to go. This can be done by countering what may hurt you with the gear and clothes that help protect you from that specific thing.

Regretfully, there is not a single layout that will protect form everything. But, for those wanting to buy tactical clothes, there are a lot of options on the market that will make a huge difference in the field.

Defensive, Offensive, and Tactical Gear

While most regard tactical clothes in a decisively offensive setting, that is the minority of situations people will find themselves in. The cold, heat, and damp are often much bigger killers than any enemy army.

And, even if you encounter armed combat, you are at greater risk from fragments and flying debris than from bullets. A lethal round needs to be shot by a trained professional conditioned to fire at other humans. But an IED has no remorse or morality.

Finally, there are needs to be met daily, such as food, shelter, or sleep. Your clothes need to be modified to withstand such wear and tear without lowering your fighting or surviving capacity.

Elements and Bullets

It may be true that bullets are not the biggest danger while on the field. That being said, it is not like people don’t get shot and you really don’t want to be unprotected when under fire. This is why, ideally, you want protection from both.

In a very cold environment, you will need to resort to something compact which will allow you to wear a plate carrier over it. Something like the FJ™ Frigid Jacket is a great choice due to its remarkable thinness. But, such a jacket won’t protect from moisture.

You can combine your full gear with a raincoat, but if you are reaching down to 5 F temperatures you might want to bunker down and wait for more favorable conditions. If not, sacrificing a bit of mobility in the blizzard is a given regardless of what you wear, so layer up.

Footwear First

It pans out that mother was right all along. Good health and wellbeing do come from the feet up. This is why your choice of footwear should always come in the first place.

And, having cold feet is not the only issue. Excessive heat and sweating will cause lesions and wounds and may end up in an infection. This is why using something like the HAB™ Heavy-Duty Army Boot is necessary for hot and arid climates.

Keeping your feet dry and at optimal temperature might sound like a beauty tip more than a tactical choice. But remember that those feet will need to carry you, your armor, and your weapons.

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