How to Tell That Your Car Dealer Can Still Give a Better Offer

The initial amount that you receive from a car dealer after asking for the price isn’t necessarily the final amount. You need a starting point for the negotiation process. After a few back and forths, you will eventually get a lower price. Does it mean you have to accept the deal? Probably not. There are signs telling you that you can still ask for a better offer.

The dealer keeps talking to the manager

If you show how serious you are about the deal, you can expect the dealer to do the same. A discussion with the manager inside an office is a sign that you can still get a lower price. The reason why the dealership doesn’t grant your request is to maximize the potential profit. Even if the amount goes lower, it’s already enough for the company to make money out of the transaction.

The goal posts keep moving

Some dealers will convince you by saying that the offer given to you is final. However, after several attempts, the amount might be even lower. It means that the lower end is probably way more than what’s on the table right now. Don’t hesitate to try asking for more as long as it’s reasonable.

It’s the end of the month

You’re in a better position to negotiate if you do so towards the end of the month or quarter. It’s at this time when the dealerships are desperate to close a deal. Meeting their quota is necessary for them. If they can’t sell the required number of units, it could affect the potential profit. Worse, it may hurt the standing of the dealers in the company. Therefore, they won’t mind accepting your bargain as long as it’s fair enough.

The dealer is bluffing

If you’re a poker player, you can probably spot someone who bluffs. The tricky part is that these dealers have been in the business for a long time. They’re excellent at hiding their emotions. You can still spot if they’re lying about the deal. Once you realize that the offer could be better, you shouldn’t accept anything yet. Keep bargaining until you get what you desire.

Learn when to walk away

Some dealers are tough to work with. It’s true for used car dealers who are confident about the models they sell. They know that if you don’t buy the car from them, someone else will. However, not all dealers are in the same position. Others are desperate to sell. It could change their tone right away once you show that you’re willing to leave the negotiating table. Be careful in using this tactic, though. Some dealers won’t fall for it and will allow you just to leave. If you’re willing to take that risk, it’s okay. If you really want the car you’re negotiating; you shouldn’t pull this trick.

Asking for an excellent deal could be challenging. You have to prepare before you go to local dealerships for used cars in Utah so you can get a fair price.


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