How your Personal Injury Lawyers Can Help You Get Compensation for your Pain and Suffering

If you have been injured in a car accident, you have probably gotten advice from friends and relatives. They may have shared their opinions about their doctors, healing, and treatments. Or perhaps they have talked to you about settling your claim and the amount of money you must get for your pain and suffering. However, you are the victim and your injury claim is completely different from anyone else’s. Even if you sustain the same injuries or impairments, your injuries impact you uniquely. You have unique emotional distress, anxiety, and pain that Colorado Springs Personal Injury Lawyers and other individuals involved in settling your claim must recognize. 

You Need to Document Your Pain and Suffering

Nobody endures the same pain and suffering you do. Your injury manifests itself based on your age, underlying medical condition, physical fitness, and other factors. And you must convey what you know to those who will assess and negotiate your pain and suffering claim. To accomplish this, use a daily journal to document your experiences from the early stages of your injury until you reach maximum recovery. You need to have a record of your pain and its impact on your life. Make sure to include details such as your pain and suffering right after the accident, any discomfort you experience from the treatments, physical restrictions and accomplishments, pain management shortcomings, pain on the job, and the impact of your pain on your intimacy with your spouse.

How Insurance Companies Evaluate Claims

Insurance companies will assign a representative to investigate the liability and damage. Some of them follow strict negotiation strategies dictated by data-driven software. With this software, inexperienced insurance adjusters can negotiate consistently along company lines. Also, insurance companies use claim evaluation and settlement formulas. Adjusters will add up an injured person’s medical bills, lost income, and other economic losses and multiply the sum by a random factor. They will use the product as the basis when negotiating settlements.

How a Car Accident Attorney Can Help You

Experienced personal injury attorneys know that computers and simple math formulas lack the human empathy to properly account for pain and suffering. So, they will fight for what you truly deserve. 

While handling the claim process, your attorney will monitor your progress, document your economic loss, and review your medical reports. After they work with you for a while, they get to know you personally and your injuries. They will have knowledge about your pain and suffering and brings this knowledge to the negotiation table. Your attorney will make sure you get the most favorable settlement possible. 

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