Importance of Ink Rub Testing

One of the most undisputed facts is that labels run the marketing world. Several individuals run to the stores to get a piece of item that has the label of a top brand. Such labels have earned significant respect and love from customers due to their durability. No one would wear Gucci if its label rubbed off during shipment right before hitting the stores or after a few months of use and washing. The same applies to several items. Even electrical sockets have labels on them. An ink rub tester is what organizations use to ensure that the labels on their products do not rub off easily.

What is An Ink Rub Test?

An ink rub test is when a label is rubbed against an abrasive. This is done severally, over 100-times per recommendation, to test the durability of a label. After the rubbing, the label, alongside all other written information, is inspected to see if they are still readable. Alcohol and soap can be added to the labels to enhance the testing.

An ink rub tester equipment is usually used in the process. Using the best tester is valuable as it will help the team to know whether their products or items are durable in ink. A substandard machine can give the impression that the item is durable when it isn’t. An ink rub test can be used for any items that are looking to have longevity in use, such as brochures.

Compliance to Laws and Standards

It is common knowledge that all brands are supposed to uphold some levels of standards. Having a strong label will enhance this. Running an ink rub test is a splendid way to maintain high standards and, at the same time, comply with laws. Federal laws are strict on product labeling. To ensure that the regulations are upheld, having a strong label that can be figured out through an ink rub tester will help maintain all the information that the law requires all organizations to have on their products.

Enhances Product Value

It is with no doubt that a durable label will help it increase in its value. The durability of a label is usually regarded as a sign of quality in all products. No one will trust the contents of a product if the label on its own is substandard. Running a label ink test can give an organization a strong foot against other oppositions that do not run the test. A person can only identify a product through its label.

Increases Product Safety

In almost all products, there are usually instructions of use and safety measures printed on to them. It would be a catastrophe if this particular section would rub off even before using the product. Running an ink test, especially in products and equipment that can cause harm to people when mishandled, is vital. This can help avert a major accident and even cases of wrongful death. An ink test to ensure durability is a way of caring for customers.s

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