Increasing Demand for Health Insurance       

In the hectic and fast-paced lifestyle of today, health insurance is vital for more than one reason. It not only guarantees quality healthcare at affordable cost but also helps stay stress-free. With a large number of companies in the fray of health insurance plans, customers are getting the lucrative deals at the most competitive rates and other value-added offers.

While buying health insurance, you should go through the policy terms & conditions and the list of what’s covered under the plan. There’s no alternative to healthy living and maintaining good health, and due to the increasing awareness about the need to stay healthy and to save on exorbitant medical bills, there has been a rapid rise in the number of people who are opting for health insurance plans. It’s not just the surety of quality healthcare that comes along with a health insurance plan, but also other offers like cashless treatment and hospitalization expenses at network hospitals.

Emergency hospitalization is quite stressful to say the least. During such times, the foremost concern is to get the patient admitted to a hospital without any delay. Counting cash or arranging for funds in these circumstances leads to unnecessary delays when every second counts. Another added advantage of health insurance is that a lot of plans cover recuperation expenses as well as other therapies. A fixed number of annual health check-ups are also included in health insurance plans.

With a lot of options and variable pricing, customers now are more enthusiastic than ever to buy health insurance plans. There are plans for all age groups and segments, including customized ones for people with special ailments. Online services, good customer support and fast payment processing and coverage approval, is attracting more and more people towards health insurance. 2021 witnessed a 40% hike in health insurance premiums filed.

Health insurance is no longer reserved to only big cities, but with increase in online connectivity and public demand, the coverage is being extended throughout India. In case you own a health insurance plan that’s about to expire, you can look for other plans available with enhanced benefits before making your mind on whether to renew the existing plan or buy a new one. For the elderly and senior citizens as well, health insurance is quite useful. The annual health check-ups ensure timely diagnosis and treatment of any ailment. A lot of health insurance plans also cover ambulance expenses. Under Section 80 D or Indian Income Tax Act, tax deductions can be claimed for the amount paid as insurance premium. With the help of a health insurance premium calculator, you can determine the exact amount that needs to be paid.

In the Nutshell

There’s been a surge in people buying health insurance plans due to reasons such as increased awareness, multiple options, flexible pricing, enhanced connectivity, extensive coverage and inclusion of a wide range of diseases and other benefits such as cashless Mediclaim and annual health check-up. To safeguard your family, make health insurance an utmost priority. Also check if you need to upgrade your current plan or buy a new one. For determining the premium amount, the health insurance premium calculator comes handy.

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