Introducing A Superb Office Improvement You May Want To Consider

Are you planning an office refurbishment? Do you want a contemporary and light workspace where your staff can thrive? Want more information about how to achieve this? If the answer to all these questions is yes, then please read on while I discuss a great office improvement which is now increasingly popular in the workplace environment. What I’m referring to is glass partitioning, a flexible and easily installed partitioning system that can transform any office premises spreading healthy natural light throughout.

Benefits Of Glass Partitions

It is vital your staff are happy and comfortable at work to maximise their full potential. An office re-design using glass partitions can lead to the following benefits for your business –

  • Improved efficiency – changes to the floorplan by utilising a new glass partitioning system will increase the functionality of staff.
  • Productivity Increase – Improving the natural light through the use of glass partitions will lead to an increase in staff happiness and well-being and critically their work output.
  • Enticing New Business – As the face of your business a modern high-quality premises indicates a well-run company. Decoration, colour scheme and other visual factor combine to form the overall aesthetic look of your office and speak to visitors about how you run your business.
  • Can Assist a Rebrand – if you are planning changes in your company through a rebrand you can highlight this new theme through a new office design.

Your office refurbishment can use glass partitioning in any situation, from a single glass wall to a fully standalone four-sided glass walled meeting room. Let’s look at the different types of glazed partitions now.

The Various Types of Glass Partitions

There are different types of glass partitions, from single glazed partitions to more involved double-glazed partitions which have a great level of acoustic performance and varied optional extras. There are several specialised types of glass partition which offer certain characteristics that might suit your new office, these include –

  • Acoustic glass – a special type of glazing, which is coated for higher acoustic sound insulation, suited to more private areas such as HR meeting rooms.
  • Fire rated glass – treated to give greater protection in emergencies, used to protect storerooms and fire evacuation routes.
  • Smart glass – uses a chemical between two layers of glass, can be switched from clear to opaque glass at the touch of a button.
  • Curved glass – a high-end product, curved glass is used to create centrepieces in modern looking workspaces with high aesthetic qualities.

Using Glass Partitioning

If you are thinking of changing your current working environment or are moving into a new office, take some time to investigate this great product, it can bring the well documented benefits of natural light into your workspace. Critically now linked to health and well-being it will make your staff more creative and in turn more productive. You can benefit by using glazed partitions in your new office design, you can create a contemporary professional looking workspace which will impress visitors and potential new clients which can only add to the value of your company and enhance your success!

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