It is time to start using NAV property management software. Three whys

Do you still use Excel or any simple project management system and keep complaining about how it does not provide the functionality your team needs? Well, maybe it is time to move forward. NAV property management software is the solution for business that has not disappointed anyone yet.

NAV software is a reliable and widely recommended system that could help your company thrive. Here I will list three whys.

NAV software improves employees’ workflow

NAV software plays a huge role in increasing employees’ work performance with intuitive features and automation of the main processes. It lets to easily manage lease contracts: create lease contracts on branded templates with all the contract data filled in automatically; add multiple services or lease units to one contract; attach related lease documents to the lease contract. In addition, NAV software makes employees able to set reminders on contract expiration date, so they do not have to remember these anymore and there will be no misunderstandings.

Furthermore, NAV property management software comes with the possibility of E-signature, which makes signing fast and convenient. Once a document is prepared, the system sends it out together with the signer details to the eSignLive system via web service. Signers will receive an email with a link to the document, open it and sign electronically.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV provides tools for sales management

Knowing your client is as much important as knowing your company and your product. Comprehensive profile of a customer will help in every step of the way. Using Microsoft Dynamics NAV you can keep track of existing clients and new sales opportunities with specifically tailored tools.

Soft4Realestate is integrated with real estate CRM software, which allows tracking and monitoring leads and opportunities in the pipeline for all vacant premises and whether there are enough opportunities to achieve sales goals. In NAV property management software you can see lists of potential clients who are interested in specific premises and of course get a better understanding as to whether certain deals need special attention and what actions are needed to close more sales.

Project management software is oriented into your clients

Satisfaction of the clients is in the core of every successful business goals. That is why project management software provides many functionalities for smooth communication with tenants. Firstly, using integrated tools you can track all communication between salespeople and clients; send newsletters to different segments to keep your tenants or prospects informed; share general information, reminders, updates and announcements. Secondly, effective communication could be maintained through the tenant portal too. Soft4RealEstate tenant portal allows tenants of a property-management company to access their accounts instantly anytime, anywhere, using internet access. NAV property management software saves both clients and employees time, because whenever a person has any question about payments, invoices, contracts or work orders, he can find everything by himself without calling or writing emails and waiting for a response.

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