Keeping Your Building Tools Safe & Secure

When running a building business, you must take excellent care of your tools to keep them in perfect condition and stop them from being stolen. Having their tools stolen is a nightmare for any builder, and although you may have insurance to cover the loss, it is still a pain to sort out when you are in the middle of a building job. You can do a few things to safeguard your tools, which are also your livelihood, and below are some tips for doing just that.

Make Sure You Have Insurance

As a builder, you will need public liability insurance, and you should also ensure that you have adequate insurance for your tools and equipment. Many companies offer insurance for builders, so using the internet, it will be simple to find companies you can use. However, you will also need to read the terms and conditions of the policy from each company and ensure you understand them fully. The last thing you want is to lose your plastering tools and find out your insurance does not cover you.

Secure Storage For Your Tools

You will need to have somewhere secure to keep your tools while on the job, and if there is space, an old shipping container is an excellent option. You can keep your tools on-site and lock them up at the end of the day so they will be safe until you return. If you have a builder’s yard, you will also need somewhere safe to keep the tools when you are not on the job, and it may also be worthwhile investing in CCTV for your premises. You will also need to use some common sense which can help prevent you from losing your tools or having them stolen.

Keep Vehicles Locked

You will want to keep your vehicles always locked, even when you are on the job, and this can help prevent opportunistic thieves from stealing what is in them. You may find that it is also a requirement of your insurance company to keep your vehicles locked, and it could void your insurance if they are not. You will also want to ensure that your vehicles do not have tools in them overnight and advertise this fact using stickers. Emptying a van at night can seem like a pain, but it is much better to safeguard your tools each day than to turn up to work and find you have no tools left as they have been stolen.

Take Care Of Your Tools

As well as preventing your tools from being lost, you will also want to take excellent care of them and prolong their lives. Quality tools are an expensive investment that can be worth it when you take good care of them. Keep your tools clean and always put them away after use so you know where they are. You will also want to avoid budget tools as these do not last for as long as when you purchase quality ones, and quality tools will require replacing less often.

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