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Securing a U. S. Green Card Through Real Estate Investment

Are you planning to acquire a U. S. green card by investing in real estate? If so, you must understand some things before you move forward with a U. S. property purchase. If you are a foreigner who wants to invest in U. S. real estate for the first time, you may find the process complicated and confusing. This is the reason you may want to work with an experienced Dallas Business Immigration Attorney to help acquire an investment visa. 

Investment is a reliable avenue for a foreign national to achieve both legal resident status and financial opportunities in the U. S, particularly real estate investment. The EB-5 immigrant investment program lets you acquire a U. S. green card by investing at least $500, 000 in a U. S. enterprise. If you want to seek a U. S. green card through real estate investment, this guide will help you:

How to Qualify for an EB-1 Visa

As a foreign investor, you can choose between the Basic Program and the Regional Center Pilot Program. With the basic program, you will participate in the daily operations of your investment. If you choose a regional center program, you can invest your capital as a partner or a partial owner. You will qualify for either of these options if you have an EB-5 investment amount of $1, 000, 000 in a U. S. business enterprise or $500, 000 if the business is situated in a Targeted Designated. Your investment should create a minimum of U. S. jobs. 

How to Acquire Your Green Card

You can get your green card through real estate investment using the EB-5 program by:

  • Investing in real estate-focused EB-5 regional center. A lot of EB-5 regional centers deal with real estate and welcome foreign investors. Program managers will review proposed land for construction, land entitlement, development documentation, and supervise the building process. If you choose the EB-5 route, you could get partial ownership of the project and take part in the cash flow and profit-sharing of the business. 
  • Purchasing a U. S. property to start your EB-5 enterprise. Because you need to meet the ten-employee minimum requirement, it is best to purchase a building and use the remaining part of your money to meet other new comment enterprise requirements of the program such as hiring the required number of employees. A business immigration lawyer can help you acquire your green card through real estate investment. Also, they make sure your capital is rightly invested for high profitability. 
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