Some Things You Will Need To Get Used To When Swapping To An EV

Many people are touting electric vehicles as the way forward, and although that is yet to be proven for the long term, you will need to get used to an EV when you swap to one. Many aspects are the same as driving a regular vehicle with a combustion engine, but there are other factors you need to consider when driving an electric car. Below are some of the things you need to consider and get used to when driving an EV to help you get used to it and do your bit for our environment by stopping using petroleum.

The Benefits Of Driving An Electric Vehicle

In the UK, you will no longer be allowed to buy a brand-new vehicle that uses petrol or diesel as of 2030, so many companies are now pushing electric vehicles (EVs). Using an EV can have various benefits to you as a user and your environment as a whole. Much fewer pollutants are created with the running of an EV, so it is better for the environment, and as they also have few moving parts, there are fewer things to break and go wrong. Electric motors are also more efficient than combustion engines, and you can also achieve high torque and speeds using these motors.

Knowing Where To Recharge Your EV

The infrastructure for EVs is getting better, but there are still more places to refuel a petrol or diesel vehicle than charge an electric one at the minute. You will need to start paying attention to EV charging points to make sure that you won’t have any issues along your route. You will also need to ensure that you use the correct type of charging point to ensure your vehicle recharges quickly. You will also want to have a charging point at home for your car, but if your property does not have a drive or garage, this can be tricky.

Knowing The Range Of Your Vehicle

You will also need to get used to the range of your EV so you know how far you can drive between charges. EVs often have a shorter range than vehicles with combustion engines, so you need to plan your route and ensure there are places to charge your car along the way. However, some factors can affect the range of your EV, such as:

  • Driving Style
  • Weather
  • Battery Condition
  • Traffic
  • Weight & Passengers
  • Road Conditions

Planning Your Routes

You may need to start taking different routes on longer journeys, as you may need to charge your vehicle before you arrive at your destination. As mentioned above, there are websites and even an EV charging points app you can use to help you plan your route to maximise the efficiency of your EV and show you where you can charge along your way.

You may also need to alter your driving style and try to drive smoother to extend the life of your batteries. Depending on the type of EV you have, you can also use braking to help recharge your vehicle. They can take getting used to and give you more to think about, but driving an EV is an excellent way to reduce your CO2 footprint and do your bit for our environment.

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