The Importance of Anti-Radiation Phone Cases

When on the discussion of cell phones and the harm that they cause by giving off radio waves, some may argue that they are low and cause no harm. While it is true that the waves are low, but in order for a cell phone to operate, it constantly has to send those waves into the air which means they are constantly giving off waves and constant exposure can indeed become harmful. According to the National Cancer Institute, radio frequency or RF energy that is emitted does have long term health effects. It has even been pointed out that the iPhone 7 in particular, emitted a higher level of radiation versus older cell phones. It is also believed that as cell phones become more advanced and more people begin to spend more time with them, that the health effects are due to catch up.

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It is recorded that there are about 2 billion people in the world who use a smartphone. You probably qualify as a smartphone user with a cellphone case to protect your expensive device from the screen cracking if it falls out of your hand by mistake. Or maybe to simply protect it from scratches and chips, but ask yourself if your case is able to protect you against the harm of prolonged use as well. If you are not sure, there are ways to know which case is working against you to increase the levels of radiation or if your case is the best fit for both your phone and your health.

Starting with the ways to find out if your case is doing more harm for you than good. Bulkier cases are sure good when protecting your phone against high falls and other damages, but does it cover your phone’s antenna? If the case does cover the antenna, then it will make the phone work harder to retrieve a signal thus increasing the radiation frequency. It would be safe to avoid ones like this. Now, if you are not sure if your case is one of the ones that actually covers your phone’s antenna, one sure way to tell is if your battery drains quicker than usual after normal use. Since blocking the antenna typically allows your phone to operate at low signal strength, it raises your phone’s radio frequency by making it work harder to establish a signal, as stated below. Next, it would benefit to check to see if your case contains any metallic parts. Considering metallic is metal and metal is naturally a conductor, this can increase the amount of radiation you are directly exposed to, thus doing more harm than good.

When in the business of looking for anti radiation cell phone cases, you want to make sure that your case even states that it has elements that are essential to blocking radiation from its users. One element to look for is a directional antenna. The purpose of this is to basically direct the radiation frequency away from the users head during phone calls. You also want to make sure and be up to date on the credibility of the brand you are looking into. It is quite easy for any brand to easily say that they produce anti-radiation cell phone cases, but are they actually credible.

Even though it is not regulated by the government or any board to require that third-party companies who manufacture cell phone accessories deem their cases radio frequency safe for the type of phone they will be used with, it is still possible to protect yourself. There are some companies such as Vest who are dedicated to offering customers an entire group of products that are anti radiation.

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