Things to Keep in Mind When Moving During the Pandemic.

With the current Covid-19 pandemic, countries all over the world are under a strict lockdown. This highly contagious infection has made it very hard to move around in ones’ day to day life like normally; having to maintain social distancing, wearing masks, avoiding gatherings and face to face social interactions, as well as only going out when you need to. Right now, most people are stuck at home and the few people who do go outside are people who need to grab a few essentials or people who are considered essential workers. So here are a few things to keep in mind when moving during a pandemic.

Should You Hire Movers?

First, you have to make sure that movers are considered essential workers in your area before considering this option. Second, be sure that you absolutely need to hire movers. Finally minimize risk, if you’ve decided that you need to hire movers make sure to contact the company and ask for their new protocols, make sure that who you’re hiring is doing everything they can to minimize the chances of infection. Ask the important questions like are they required to wear masks, details about how they’re implementing social distancing guidelines, and what steps they are taking to prevent employees and clients from getting sick? Once you know it’s safe you need to ask yourself if you should. Well that depends on the situation, for some people they simply can’t move everything on their own for others it might be easier to do it themselves. Regardless of the choice what matters is doing everything you can to minimize the risks involved.

Communicate with the Company

Staying safe and staying away from people right now is what’s on most people’s minds and that counts for your movers as well, if you’ve chosen to hire them. Each company will definitely be adjusting their protocols to avoid any risk of infection and it’s important that you communicate with the company to make sure both you and their movers will do this right. Make sure to set up a good date for the move so that you can prepare everything in advance and if you’ve already made plans with the company beforehand, ask if the date can be rescheduled. Get the fine details regarding the process as much as you can without having to talk to someone face to face. Finally make sure you are on the same page as your movers.

Avoid Paperwork

If you’ve done a move before you’ll know that there is a lot of paperwork in regards to moving and right now boxes, letters, envelops might risk infection should the virus somehow latch on to these things coming your way. On the bright side technology has made it so that we don’t have to touch a single piece of paper anymore. Make sure you’re able to read, sign, and answer any documents or inquiries without having to touch a single piece of paper by making use of things like online signatures, faxing, and emailing as well any other application that allows you to read, sign, and send documents without having the need for physical paperwork.

Be Prepared

No matter how reassured you are you have to be prepared for anything. Once the move is done you still have a lot of work ahead of you: unpacking. Now you’re going to need to start disinfecting anything and everything you or your movers have touched, make sure you have enough soap and disinfectant, make sure to wash your hands after, and make sure to take a nice long shower. Other than that, you might also want to self-isolate yourself or anyone who has had the most social interaction with the movers once you’ve finished. Once that’s done feel free to enjoy a successful move.

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