Things to learn about leather shoulder holsters

For some, carrying a gun would not seem an easy job. They need to look for ways to carry it in a comfortable position. So, leather shoulder holsters are the best option for them. Since they are made up of leather they are also gentle with their hold. Some people may also not be comfortable with holsters that fit on their waist. They can efficiently switch to this and keep their gun safely with them.

How do shoulder holsters help you?

Firstly, they help you out with your frequent needs of pulling off the gun. In case, you frequently take put your gun from your holsters, then leather shoulder holsters are the best for you. Secondly, if carrying your gun on your waistband is something that tends to be uncomfortable to you, then you can switch to these. Leather shoulder holsters help you to hold up your gun in a position that lets you carry it on your body but lets you carry it off your waist. The gun can still be concealed.

The comfort level it gives you

The waistband holster often irritates the skin a lot, but these are made up of leather, hence they are soft. The companies also take a lot of effort in designing them with the best leather. It helps you keep your gun off your shoulder but still near the body. They can be easily hung up or removed. If you are habituated to taking off your gun and wearing it over, again and again, these are a good choice for you.

How are shoulder holsters better than the others?

When you wear a waistband holster, it often makes you uncomfortable when you bend over. But when you use the shoulder holster, you are free from the problem of bending over. This also makes it a reasonable option for having a pistol for hunting or outdoor purposes.

Factors to look for before buying a shoulder holster:


  • Look for the correct size. When buying a shoulder holster, you must always go for the size that fits your perfectly.
  • Check for how it fits on you. The type of concealing that the holster will give you majorly depends on how it fits you. Some people may find the concealment easy, while others may not. This depends on the wear of the holster.
  • Also, keep in mind your needs. Before you look for size or fitting, you should always look for whether it meets your requirements. You should know which kind of holster you want and then go for the same.

Advantages of wearing a shoulder holster


  • They allow easy access to your handgun. Since urgent access is the main factor to look for these holsters help you out a lot. There’s no sense in keeping your gun with you when you can’t have a reach on it at time.
  • It’s much easier to conceal your gun. The prints of a holder are often visible through your clothing. Even more problematic for the people with slimmer clothing styles. But when you use leather shoulder holsters, you can easily wear a jacket over them and nothing would be visible.
  • They work adequately for the gun which has long barrels.
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