Using Real Maple Syrup as a Substitute to Refined Sugar

When people think of sugar, they refer to heavily refined cane sugar instead of just glucose in all its forms. The sugar people consume repeatedly throughout the day cannot compare to the health benefits gained by consuming real maple syrup, especially the syrup available at Delices Erable et cie.

Unfortunately, a lot of people consume far too much sugar even if they avoid sweets. Although natural maple syrup also contains sugar, it does so in a more natural and healthy way. Apart from being less sweet and more rich and flavourful, real maple syrup has other nutritional qualities that push it over the less healthy refined sugar people consume in the form of cereals, bread, and other processed foods.

The Bad Things About Refined Sugar

Refined sugar has been found to be addicting that causes a person to crave it over other less-sweet options. That is why refined sugar is a more dangerous choice to use in daily diet staples and recipes. Refined sugar has been the leading contributor to adult-onset diabetes that hits developed countries in addition to the growing obesity issue. Also, excess sugar throws off the pH level of the body, increasing internal acidity levels. The body offsets the imbalance by burning essential minerals and nutrients.

Practicing Awareness of What you Eat

Some people may not be aware that they are eating refined sugar. Unfortunately, many people end up with a diet that is dominated by sugar. That is why they must take back control of what they prefer to put into their bodies by using more natural sweeteners when making their favourite recipes instead of adding refined sugars. Real maple syrup is a natural sweetener that eliminates the need for refined sugar to finish up a dish. Refined sugar is snuck into store-bought and restaurant food so it makes sense to prepare one’s meals at home and use maple syrup in place of it.

A lot of maple syrup manufacturers will provide information on how to substitute 100 percent all natural maple syrup for refined sugars and what antioxidants and minerals people can gain back by doing so. If you are looking to buy real maple syrup, look for a seller that sells products made using traditional maple sugaring techniques made from the actual maple sap harvested from hanging sap buckets. This way, you can be sure to buy the highest quality of maple syrup that has no artificial sugar added in it.

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