Various Types of Techniques for Keeping Our Carpets Neat and Clean

Here in this article, we would like to talk about the various techniques of cleaning carpets. The carpet cleaner use these techniques and hence this is something that you need to expect when you will be calling a professional for help. This is also important for you to remember that not all cleaning techniques can be used for your carpet.

  1. A dry powder cleaning has a host system technique involved. Here a soft, natural cleaning powder is mixed with water, detergent, and a safe solvent. They are then mixed and sprinkled on the carpet. This creates chunks that look similar to sawdust. These clusters then act like a micro-sponge that absorbs dirt which can, later on be vacuumed and removed out.
  2. Encapsulation cleaning is a process in which firstly the carpet is vacuumed and then an encapsulated chemical is applied. A rotary machine is used which allows the chemicals to absorb dirt, which is then vacuumed to remove dirt from the carpet. This cleaning process is fast and requires minimum time to finish.
  3. Bonnet cleaning is the same as dry cleaning, where minimum moisture is used to clean the surface of the rug or carpet. Here a self-neutralizing detergent is sprayed on the carpet, which is then scrubbed with the rotary scrubber having a dry cotton protective cover pad attached to it. This is one appropriate cleaning technique used for commercial purposes.
  4. Hot water extraction involves a technique containing high-temperature water and the cleansing agent. Here a hot water extraction machine is used which contains two tanks. One containing water and a cleansing agent and the other is to extract the dirt containing water from the carpet. This is indeed a deep cleaning technique.
  5. Carpet shampooing is a very old technique and was used before encapsulation was used. Here thorough shampooing was done to the carpet, which would clean the surface well but there was a disadvantage. This technique would leave behind a high amount of wet foam residues which would take a longer time to dry. It would then become sticky and there was rapid re-soiling, which happened as there was no rinsing done. This cleaning technique became unpopular later.

Simple tips:

  1. It is best to use an air purifier to trap and lock airborne dust and dirt.
  2. Trim your pet’s nail so that dirt doesn’t get caught in their nails
  3. Clean your home’s exterior surfaces so that there is no debris, dirt, which can make way to your home
  4. Vacuum regularly to remove the dirt before they get settled on your carpet permanently
  5. Check the mesh of your window panes if they have wide openings. This needs to be settled so that dust doesn’t enter your house through these openings.

While you hire a professional carpet cleaning company for your service, they need to give you the exact idea of which technique is best for you, depending on the type of your carpet, how much dirt it holds and the result you wish to see.

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