Ways to Improve the Exterior of your Home

There are many ways that you can boost the kerb appeal of your home, and if you have decided to revamp your exterior, this article was written with you in mind. The following are just a few of the ideas that could transform your exterior.

  1. Power Wash – This might include the roof, the driveway, terrace and paths – any hard surface can be restored to its original condition using high-pressure water. You could invest in a power jet machine, which would come in very handy, there’s even a car wash attachment and many surfaces can be cleaned with this machine. You could hire one for a weekend, which would be time well spent and for a few dollars and some hard work, you have a clean home.
  2. Timber Decking – With affordable timber decking in Brisbane, you can replace your pavers with stylish and durable hardwood. Spotted gum is the ideal choice for decking and the supplier would be able to advise you on every aspect of building a deck. Hardwood is perfect for decking and there are many shades, allowing you to match the surroundings, and with regular treatment, the timber will not lose its lustre. Hardwood will last for many years if treated correctly, and with a professional installation, your rest and relaxation area is complete.
  3. Resurface the Driveway – You could replace that tarmac drive with classic block paving or natural pavers, or even coloured concrete. If you take a look at Brisbane suburbs, you will see a mixture of block paving, concrete and asphalt, and whichever appeals, a local contractor can quote for the project. Block paving looks amazing with several colours and creative patterns, making it a popular choice among Brisbane homeowners.
  4. Replace the Guttering, Fascia & soffit – If your guttering has seen better days, why not replace it with stainless-steel or UPVC? These are maintenance free materials that will last for many years, and with attractive colours, you can add some contrast, while investing very little. Fascia and soffit boards often need painting, but for a permanent solution, a composite is a better idea.

Timber has long been a firm favourite with Australian homeowners, and the range of hardwood is impressive, giving you various shades and qualities, and there should be a timber supplier in your area. Make sure you entrust the work to tradespeople, unless you happen to be a handyman, and with any of the above, you can brighten up the exterior of your property.




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