What are the Different Types of Credit Cards?

Credit cards are a boon to users who have the freedom to spend and afford anything they please. More and more Indians are using credit cards judicially these days, with the impetus of maintaining good credit scores and gaining rewards as they spend. Furthermore, credit cards are now available in different types, based on how cardholders use them. For instance, you get a shopping credit card especially geared towards shoppers so you earn more rewards while you purchase goods.

About Credit Cards

Besides the many types of credit cards you get, your approval of a credit card offer depends on your credit history. Depending on your credit profile, you get credit card approval, and additionally, approval for use of specific types of cards. Credit card types come in handy for offering you special rewards as you use them for varied purposes. You can select a card that meets your spending habits and literally save money while you swipe it.

About Credit Card Types

A range of credit cards from travel cards to fuel cards exist today, each type catering to the spending needs of specific customers. It’s good to be savvy about some of the common credit card types on offer, so you make an informed decision when you apply for one. Here they are:

  • Credit Cards for Travel – These cards give you perks in terms of air miles earned when you book flights, discounts on hotel reservations, access to premium airline lounges across the world, etc.
  • Credit Cards for Fuel – Fuel credit cards offer users fuel surcharge waivers and vehicle-related discounts.
  • Credit Cards to Earn Rewards – Accelerated reward points on certain purchases and services are the features of reward credit cards.
  • Credit Cards that are Secured – Credit cards issued against fixed deposits make up secured cards. You get low interest rates when you shop in EMIs with these cards.

Do your research for different types of credit cards at Finserv MARKETS and apply for the best one for you.

About Shopping Credit Cards

The best shopping credit cards boost your love of shopping and give you irresistible rewards while you shop away. With shopping credit cards like the Amazon Pay ICICI bank Card and the Flipkart Axis Bank Credit Cards, you get a guaranteed 5% cashback offer every time you shop at respective e-commerce sites. With cards like SBI SimplyCLICK, you get ten times the rewards every time you swipe your card on Amazon, Swiggy and other online portals.

About Cashback Credit Cards

Cards that give you more cash back than regular cashback credit cards, in particular categories of products that you prefer, are the best cashback cards on the market. A money back credit card will give you reward points that are redeemable for cash, or cashback offers in certain spending categories, such as film tickets, mobile recharge bills, fuel, groceries, etc.

Concluding Words

There is no dearth of the types of credit cards you get today. As you make your way about Finserv MARKETS, you will be aided in your choice for a credit card that suits you.

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