Why Check Customer Reviews While Buying Car Insurance?

There are more than 20 companies offering car insurance in India. With every company trying to highlight the features and benefits of their policies using aggressive promotional techniques and leveraging the reach of social media platforms, finding the best one for your car can be an overwhelming process. Needless to say, a car insurance policy that fits your requirements is critical, considering the fast-paced life of today. So, how does one separate the grain from the husk? How do you choose the perfect car insurance policy for your prized four-wheeler?

Digitization has brought the world online. Today, you can buy car insurance online without having to visit the dealer or the company. This has also brought an ocean of information at your fingertips. Information about the company, claim settlement ratio, pros and cons of the policy, etc. Most importantly, it has allowed existing users to share their experience with others to help them decide if the said company or policy is worth the cost. Unbiased and detailed customer reviews are like alighthouse for the ship sailing in a raging ocean – they give you a sense of direction. Here is why you should check customer reviews while buying car insurance.

They offer a 360-degree perspective

Every car insurance company claims to be one of the best in India. Have you ever found a company that says that it is the fourth-best in the country? Nobody does because there is no way to determine it. However, the terms ‘best’ or ‘most popular’ used by most companies in promotional videos or images tend to make us believe that the company is good, right? If you ask a company representative about the services offered, he/she will only talk about the good things. How do you find out if something is not good about the insurance company? The answer is – by reading customer reviews.

The best way to find the perfect car insurance policy is by assessing what you need from the policy and researching the market to create a shortlist of companies that offer the required features. Then, you need to scour through third-party review sites and forums to read people’s experiences with the company. While some users might be overly optimistic in their reviews, others might be outright disappointed with the company. The trick lies in understanding the problem rather than the experience and assessing if it can trouble you too.

This allows you to get a 360-degree perspective on the company and makes you aware of any possible roadblocks that you might have to encounter. If a reviewer has used more than one insurance company and can compare the two – it can give you a good insight into both the companies.

Unbiased reviews offer a clear picture of the company

There is no way to determine if a review is biased by merely looking at it. Most insurance companies know the power of positive reviews and post feedback from happy clients on their website. While you cannot expect a brand to highlight its shortcomings, what can you do to ensure that you get some unbiased reviews before you form an opinion?

One of the best ways is to visit multiple third-party review sites and gauge the overall response of the online community. Don’t get swayed by overly positive reviews or put-off by highly negative ones either. Try to read between the lines and understand what problems customers have faced and if they are company-related or user-understanding-related. The key lies in finding an honest reviewer providing an unbiased review of the products and services – someone who can tell you about the good and the bad of the policy.

Reviews can help in finding the most cost-efficient policy

Car insurance premiums are an annual cost. Hence, many car owners look for policies with low premiums or discount offers on regular policies. While it is good to save some money, you must also ensure that you don’t compromise safety for cost savings. Hence, the best option is to look for cost-efficient insurance policies. While determining the cost-efficiency of a policy might take a lot of time and effort, online reviews can help you find the most cost-efficient policy for your car.

Summing Up

Remember, reviews should be used carefully. Many companies even out up fake reviews on their website or third-party sites to attract prospective clients. Hence, it is important to read the facts and not emotions. If one user says that the claim processing time is poor while another says that it is lightning fast, you must try to interact with the reviewers online to find out details about their experience. This will help you remove dishonest reviewers and get a better picture of the company and the policy that you have in mind. In today’s times, reviews are the best way of understanding the quality of services offered by any brand. With car insurance, the service quality of the brand is critical while processing claims.Focus on this aspect when reading reviews and opt for reliable and long-standing insurance brands like Tata AIG. Good Luck!

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