Why Do I Need a Fast WordPress Site for SEO?

There is no doubt about the fact that WordPress is both the highest rated and most commonly used content management system on the web. One particular aspect of the CMS that so many enjoy is the ease of use, especially when it comes to web design. Yet this ease of use can often come at a cost and through the addition of multiple plugins and design features which users take advantage of, websites can very quickly slow down. This is something which should be avoided for a number of reasons, chief among them is SEO.

If you want your website to rank and perform well with the search engines then WordPress optimisation is the way to do it, and a speedy website is critical to doing this, here is why.

User Experience

User experience is a hot topic at the moment and there are many companies and individuals around the world who are spending big money on increasing the overall user experience of their website. Ultimately there is so much competition in this space that users no longer have the time or the patience for a site that doesn’t operate as we expect it to. This means that slow page load times, poorly chosen colours or fonts and desperately difficult navigation is going to guarantee that the user leaves the site and heads elsewhere. Because of the fact that search engines, such as Google, are designed to deliver the best possible search results for its users, they too expect to find great UX when they crawl the site.

Own Goals

So many companies and webmasters will invest great amounts of time in making sure that their content is exactly what the search engines are looking for with their algorithms. This means well written content which flows perfectly and which delivers real value to the reader, that is the kind of content which will rank well. Unfortunately all of this will be for nothing if that content is hosted on a slow website. This will result in a waste of time and an ineffective piece of content which is not able to function as you wish.

Traffic Blow

Beyond all of its technical and highly detailed algorithms, there is one thing that search engines cannot ignore and that is high traffic. When it comes to SEO, we find something of a vicious circle in that traffic improves SEO and SEO improves traffic. What you will find is that if your WordPress site is slow, then you will never get the levels of traffic that you are looking for, because people will gradually stop coming to your site. This will seriously harm your chances of ranking well for the keywords which you have chosen and why you need to wordpress optimisations.

It is for these reasons that you have to ensure regular maintenance on your site to check for site speed. Factors which can slow down your site include poor servers, overuse of media, combining plug-ins which conflict and having too many redirects on certain pages. Be sure to avoid these issues if you want great SEO for your site.

Ultimately a fast site will give you more traffic, will help you rank for more keywords and all told, will increase the value of your site and the amount of money which you can make from it.

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